Charlotte County's fiscal year runs from July 1st to June 30th of the following year.  The budget for the upcoming year is prepared in the early spring.  Before the Board of Supervisors votes on the proposed budget, the budget is advertised in the local newspapers & a public hearing is conducted in order to address all citizens' comments and concerns regarding the proposed budget.  For more information regarding the Charlotte County budget please contact the County's Finance Director, Norma Tuck, at (434) 542-5117.

Charlotte County Budget Information
Fiscal Year Files
2019/2020 Proposed - Budget Synopsis / Budget Detail
2018/2019 County Budget (Detail)
2018/2019 Charlotte County Public Schools Operating Budget
2017/2018 County Budget (Detail)
2016/2017 Budget as Amended June 20, 2016
2016/2017 Capital Project Budget Amendments
2016/2017 Budget Synopsis
2015/2016 Budget Synopsis
2014/2015 Budget Synopsis
2013/2014 Budget Synopsis
2012/2013  Budget Synopsis