Judicial System
Circuit Court
The Circuit Court of Charlotte County is part of the 10th Judicial Circuit of Virginia.  It is the court of record in the County and has general jurisdiction of all types of cases - civil, equity and criminal.   In addition, the circuit court hears cases appealed from the general district court and from the juvenile and domestic relations district court.  For more information contact Stuart Fallen, Circuit Court Clerk.


The Honorable Joel C. Cunningham, Presiding Judge
The Honorable Leslie M. Osborne

125 David Bruce Avenue
PO Box 38
Charlotte Court House, VA 23923
(434) 542-5147

General District Court
The General District Court handles criminal offenses involving ordinances, laws, and by-laws of the County.  In addition the General District Court addresses most traffic violations, hears misdemeanor cases, and conducts preliminary hearings for felonies. The General District Court has exclusive authority to hear civil cases with claims of $4,500 or less and shares authority with the circuit court to hear cases with claims between $4,500 and $15,000.  For more information contact Sabrina H. Powell, Clerk.


The Honorable Robert G. Woodson, Jr., Chief Judge
The Honorable Charles H. Warren
The Honorable J. William Watson Jr.

111 LeGrande Ave.
PO Box 127
Charlotte Court House, VA 23923
(434) 542-5600


Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court
The juvenile and domestic relations district court hears all matters involving juveniles.  In addition, this court handles family issues including custody, support, & visitation and hears family abuse cases.  For more information contact Brittany Bradley, Clerk.


The Honorable S. Anderson Nelson, Presiding Judge
The Honorable Michael M. Rand, Chief Judge
The Honorable Marvin H. Dunkum

420 Thomas Jefferson Highway
PO Box 8
Charlotte Court House, VA 23923
(434) 542-4339


10th District Court Services Unit
The Court Services Unit provides services to the Tenth District Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court for  eight counties (Appomattox, Buckingham, Charlotte Court House, Cumberland, Halifax, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, and Prince Edward.) Services provided by the Court Services Unit include intake, social histories, court designated reports, probation services, & parole services.

Charlotte Court House Branch Office:

Director:  Charles L. Watts, Jr.

430 Thomas Jefferson Highway
PO Box 441
Charlotte Court House, VA 23923
(434) 542-5080

More information regarding Virginia's judicial system can be
found on the Virginia Courts website