Broadband Deployment

About Broadband
High speed internet, commonly referred to as broadband, is essential for participation in the 21st Century economy and provides for greater educational opportunities, medical access, and connectivity to up-to-date information and a larger community. Charlotte County continues to seek and secure federal and state funding assistance to reach citizens in the County with broadband. 

Economic Benefits
Broadband is a requirement for doing business in the 21st century; the absence of broadband in a community usually means the absence of jobs. Almost every aspect of running a modern business, including advertising, bookkeeping, restocking inventory, and selling directly to customers, is done online. Even if the business location itself has access to the internet, companies need their employees to have access at home for teleworking purposes and quality of life. For rural communities who have seen residents leave and 20th century industries close, broadband is a necessity for economic stability and growth.

Educational Benefits
Our schools have worked hard to ensure that students have access to high-speed internet in the classroom. However, to succeed students need access to broadband at home as well. Studies consistently show that children in households without broadband have worse post-secondary outcomes. Conducting research, applying for college, and even submitting schoolwork is all done online and students who are forced to stay late at school or sit in a parking lot for the free Wi-Fi are at a disadvantage.

Social Benefits
The benefits of broadband for a community are wide-reaching and comprehensive. Communities are safer: with increased connectivity, public safety officials have faster and more dependable communication networks, leading to faster response times. Communities are healthier: telemedicine, or healthcare delivered via video-conferencing, will bring care to remote and underserved patients, bringing down costs and leading to better health outcomes. Communities are wealthier: the moment a home is connected to broadband, the value of the property is estimated to increase an additional 3-8% on average.

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