Comprehensive Plan
The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to guide and accomplish a coordinated, adjusted and harmonious development of the county which will, in accordance with present and probable future needs and resources, best promote the health, safety, morals, order, convenience, prosperity and general welfare of the inhabitants, including the elderly and persons with disabilities. Charlotte County's current Comprehensive Plan was updated in 2016 and was officially adopted by the Board of Supervisors on February 14, 2017. 

The Charlotte County Planning Commission is currently working on updating the County's comprehensive code in accordance with state code requirementsThe Commonwealth Regional Council (Planning District Office #14) is assisting the Planning Commisison with this important work.

Input from citizens is key to the success of this project. Citizen input will be collected through various means during the course of the work associated with the update.  An initial Community Meeting was held on January 31, 2022 with around forty-five participants present.  A citizen survey was also recently conducted.

For information on upcoming meetings associated with the comprehensive plan update, please see our Planning/Zoning webpage.

The entire current Comprehensive Plan can be viewed here or individual chapters can be downloaded below. Tables and figures listed beneath each Chapter are included in the Chapter downloads.  For additional information, please contact Monica Elder, Assistant County Administrator, at (434) 542-5117.

Chapter 1 – Introduction  
Figure Title
1 Vision Statement
2 Strategic Needs Statement
3 Overall Goal of the Comprehensive Plan

Chapter 2 - History, Physical Conditions, Demographics, & Economy
Table Title
1 Climate
2 Land Cover Type
3 Population Density
4 River & Stream Flow Rates
5 Charlotte County State-Licensed Dams
6 Estimated Residential Well Consumption
7 Summary of Estimated Current Water Use
8 Charlotte County School Enrollment by Grade
9 Charlotte County Enrollment by School
10 Charlotte County Homeschool Student Count
11 Charlotte County Public Water Systems
12 Charlotte County Wastewater Systems
13 Population
14 Population by Gender & Race
15 Population by Age
16 Population by Age - Change Over Time
17 Population by Age Groups
18 Persons with Disabilities in Charlotte County
19 Households & Housing
20 Occupied Housing Lacking Complete Plumbing
21 Regional Unemployment Rates
22 Regional Labor Force
23 Charlotte County Employment by Industry Group
24 Charlotte County Industry Growth
25 Charlotte County's 50 Largest Employers
26 Charlotte County Agriculture Summary
27 Charlotte County Select Farm Activities
28 Timber Harvest Volume and Values
29 Retail Activity in Charlotte County
30 Hospitality Industry Activity in Charlotte County

Figures Title
4 General Location
5 Geographic Map
6 Forest Cover
7 Virginia Population Density
8 Charlotte County Zoning Map
9 U.S. Army Corps of Engineer Land Map
10 Rivers, Streams, Dams, & Lakes
11 Keysville Dam & Drakes Branch Dam Watershed Maps
12 Sample Well Data
13 Mineral Resources
14 Flood Zone Map
15 Historic & Scenic Resources
16 Tobacco Heritage Trail Map
17 Transportation Map
18 Existing Public Facilities
19 Charlotte County House Area Inset
20 Existing Fire & Rescue Facilities
21 Mid-Atlantic Broadband Cooperative Route Map
22 Charlotte County Timber Revenues

Chapter 3 – Issues, Goals, and Strategies

Chapter 4 - Land Use Plan
Figure Title
23 Future Land Use Map
24 Keysville Lake Watershed Map
25 Drakes Branch Lake Watershed Map

Chapter 5 – Public Facilities Plan
Table Title
31 Estimated Future Total Water Demand
32 Possible Sources for Future Water Supply
33 Per Capita Spending on Recreation

Figure Title
26 Public Facilities Planning Map
27 Transportation Planning Map
28 VDOT Transportation plan Estimates

Chapter 6 – Implementation

Appendix – Regional Data

Table Title
A-1 Population by County
A-2 County Population Change  2000-2010
A-3 County Racial Composition Change
A-4 Town Population Change
A-5 Percent of High School Graduates 25 Years & Over
A-6 Education Data
A-7 Per Capita Personal Income
A-8 Median Family Income
A-9 Median Household Income
A-10 Persons Below Poverty Level
A-11 Unemployment Rates
A-12 Employment Statistics
A-13 Taxable Retail Sales
A-14 Taxable Retail Sales Per Capita
A-15 Number of Registered Retail Sales Businesses
A-16 Major Employers
A-17 Housing Units
A-18 Occupied Housing Units
A-19 Annual Residential Building Permits
A-20 Local Tax Rates