Emergency Services

Emergency Services Organization
Charlotte County Sheriff's Department (official website www.cchsheriff.com)
Charlotte County Rescue Squad
Charlotte County Volunteer Fire Departments

Emergency Services Coordinator
Charlotte County Administrator, Daniel Witt, currently serves as the Charlotte County Emergency Services Coordinator while Board member Garland "Butch" Hamlett serves as the Director of Emergency Services. 

The Coordinator's primary responsibility is to organize the efforts of emergency service providers and government agencies in response to man-made or natural disasters.  In addition, the coordinator provides the public with information, assesses damage, and oversees the procurement of needed supplies and resources during an emergency In accordance with the County's Emergency Operations Plan.

Emergency Operations Plan
Charlotte County's Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) sets forth the structure, roles, responsibilities, and main principles for the management of emergency events occurring within or involving Charlotte County. In accordance with state requirements, the EOP is updated at least every four years. The most recent version of the Emergency Option Plan, adopted by the Board of Supervisors in March 2017, is available here.

Emergency Notification Information
In the event of an emergency, public information including warnings, sheltering information and evacuation instructions will be put out via radio (WFLO 95.7 FM) and television (WSET 13) if possible. 

Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)
In 1986, in the wake of the Bhopal disaster in India where thousands of people died as a result of a hazardous materials accident, Congress passed a law that establishes requirements for businesses and federal, state and local governments regarding emergency planning and community right to know. LEPC's serve to link citizens, industry and government. The LEPC partners with local governments and industries as a resource for enhancing hazardous materials preparedness. LEPC membership comes from the local area, representing various organizations, agencies, departments, facilities and other groups within the district. 

LEPC By-Laws 
LEPC Minutes: April 2016, March 2016, March 2018

Emergency Preparedness
The best way to handle a disaster is to prepare in advance.  Emergency preparedness involves planning ahead to protect your family, your pets, and your property.  To learn more about planning and preparing for emergencies visit the Virginia Department of Emergency Management website.

Information about emergency preparedness, storm safety, and power outages is also available from your local electric utility provider.  Please see the following:

Dominion Energy - Preparedness Fact Sheet
Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative - Storm Safety
Southside Electric Cooperative - Outage & Storm Preparedness

The Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) is looking to partner with non-profit organizations, faith-based communities, businesses, education, community advocates, community centers, etc. to help ensure vulnerable communities are aware of resources and information available to them before, during, and after a disaster.  For more information visit https://www.vaemergency.gov/partners-in-preparedness/ or see VDEM's Partners in Preparedness program flyer.

VDEM - Emergency Contact Card
VDEM - Develop you Personal Emergency Plan
VDEM - Emergency Medical Card