Local Government
The Board of Supervisors is the legislative policy making body for Charlotte County. The Board is made up of seven members with one member elected from each of the County's election districts. Staggered terms have been established for Board members to insure some degree of continuing experience on the Board. The Board of Supervisors considers and adopts policies regarding administration, budget, finance, economic development, health, planning, public safety, childcare, recreation, sanitation and waste removal. The Board appropriates funds for all functions, including the schools, Social Services, Law Enforcement and operation of courts. The Board meets monthly in the Conference Room of the County Administration Office in Charlotte Court House, Virginia. The full meeting schedule is available here.  The Board's current strategic plan is available for review here.
The day-to-day management of Charlotte County is the responsibility of the County Administrator, Daniel N. Witt.  The County Administrator who is appointed by the Board of Supervisors, must advise the Board, record the actions of the Board, and execute county business in accordance with Board policy. Duties of the Administrator include but are not limited to: general administration, personnel management and supervision of all county departments, budget preparation, funds management, purchasing, property management, compliance with laws, regulations and ordinances, coordination with independent agencies and the community, representing the Board at meetings and functions, and any and all other duties imposed by the Board and by law to facilitate the accomplishment of the work of county government.
Five constitutional officers, elected at-large, perform services for both the State and County governments. The elected officers are: Treasurer, Commissioner of the Revenue, Sheriff, Commonwealth's Attorney and Clerk of the Circuit Court. All serve four-year terms except the Clerk, whose term is eight years.
In addition to the Board of Supervisors, Charlotte County has the following boards and committees that work with the local government offices: Board of Building Code Appeals, Board of Zoning Appeals, Industrial Development Authority, Library Board, Local Emergency Planning Committee, Planning Commission, Social Services Board, and the Electoral Board.  Members to these boards are appointed by the Board of Supervisors.
Charlotte County's annual budget is $37 million.  This includes the budget for the Charlotte County Public Schools.