Septic tank and well construction permits are available at the Charlotte County Health Department.  For information about the application and fees please contact the Health Department at (434) 542-5251 or visit their office located at 270 David Bruce Avenue in Charlotte Court House.
A zoning permit is required for all new construction (commercial, agricultural  residential and accessory structures); additions of any kind including decks, porches and garages; mobile and modular homes; telecommunication towers; swimming pools; and changes in use (such as converting a residence into a commercial use or changing from one type of commercial use to another.) A zoning permit must be approved before a building permit can be obtained.  The purpose of the zoning permit is to ensure that all proposed projects meet the requirements specified in Charlotte County's zoning ordinance.

For projects located in an incorporated town (Charlotte Court House, Drakes Branch, Keysville, & Phenix) property owners must contact their town office to obtain a town zoning application.  All other landowners can obtain a County zoning application here or at the County Administration Office.  Zoning applications must be completed in full and signed by the property owner.  Applications can be returned to the County Administration Office at the following address: 

Charlotte County Administration Office
250 LeGrande Avenue, Suite A
PO Box 608
Charlotte Court House Virginia, 23923
Phone: (434) 542-5117
Fax: (434) 542-5248

If you have any questions concerning Charlotte County's zoning application or zoning ordinance, please contact the County Administration Office at 434-542-5117.
Contractors (and property owners doing work on their own structures) must obtain a building permit from the County's Building Inspector before they construct, enlarge, alter, repair, convert or demolish a building in Charlotte County, except when the activity is identified as an exemption in the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code

Building permit applications must be completed and approved before work can begin.  A certificate of occupancy must be obtained from the Building Inspector before a building or structure can be occupied. 

Building permit applications can be obtained here or at the County Administration Office.  To obtain an approved building permit you will need the following:
  • An approved zoning permit application (if applicable)
  • A septic tank and well permit from the Health Department if new septic and/or well are being installed for the structure
  • A health department septic system review if connecting new construction to an existing system or adding bedrooms or bathrooms to an existing structure
  • Titles for singlewides (as proof of date of manufacture)
  • Contractor's information (name, phone number and license number)
  • Estimated cost of job
  • Size of project (measurements or square footage of main structures, additions, porches, decks, etc.) and a copy of the building plans for new construction
  • Payment in the form of a check, cash, or credit card. 

Building Permit Fees*
Project Cost
Residential Construction   15¢ per Square Foot ($100 Minimum)
Residential Additions   15¢ per Square Foot (No Minimum)
Mobile Homes (Singlewides)   $50.00 Flat Fee
Modular Homes   15¢ per Square Foot ($100 Minimum)
Church Construction   12¢ per Square Foot ($100 Minimum)
Church Additions   12¢ per Square Foot (No Minimum)
Commercial or Industrial Construction   12¢ per Square Foot ($150 Minimum)
Commercial or Industrial Additions   12¢ per Square Foot (No Minimum)
Demolition   $30.00 per Building
Cell Towers   3% of Cost (Including Labor Cost)
Electric   $30.00
Plumbing   $30.00 
Billboard & Pole Signs   $15.00 
Roof & Projecting Signs   $25.00
Private Swimming Pools   $25.00
Public Swimming Pools   $75.00
Renovations   $6.00 per $1000 of Cost (Minimum $35) 
Underground Storage Tank Removal   $35.00 per Tank 
Mechanical Inspections   $30.00
Utility-Scale Solar - Electrical Solar Electrical Fee Schedule
(see below for applicable Erosion and Sediment Control fees.)
*A 2% surcharge is added to all building permit fees in accordance with Virginia state law.

Erosion and Sediment Control Fees
Charlotte County's Erosion and Sediment (E&S) Control ordinance provides guidance for land disturbing activities and requires fees for residential and commercial development activities that result in land disturbance. The E&S fee schedule is available here.
Building Inspector's Office
The Building Inspector's Office is located in the Charlotte County Administration Office.  The Building Inspector can be contacted at:

John Hess, Building Inspector
250 LeGrande Avenue, Suite A
P. O. Box 608
Charlotte Court House, VA 23923
Phone: (434) 542-5404