Outdoor & Recreation

Bicycle Ride Bike the Heartland Cyclist at Red Hill
Charlotte County's backroads,  and scenic views make it a wonderful place for cyclist to tour in any season.  Come take a tour through the county and enjoy seeing picturesque farms and Amish communities, historic architecture, wildlife and natural beauty.

Birding & Wildlife
White-tail Deer Cardinal Eastern Cottontail
Charlotte County is home to abundant wildlife and offers many opportunities to view animals in their natural habitats.  The county is traversed by two driving trails in the Virginia Wildlife & Birding Trail system,  the Roanoke-Meherrin Summit Loop and the Staunton River Loop.  In addition, Staunton River Battlefield State Park offers walking/biking trails that are excellent for birders and wildlife enthusiasts.
Fishing & Water Sports
Bugs Island Lake Staunton River Canoes Kid's Fishing Day 
Buggs Island Lake (John H. Kerr Reservoir), a sprawling 50,000-acre reservoir with 800 miles of shoreline, located in the southern tip of Charlotte County, is a "must" for visitors and residents of the county. The lake is especially known for its striped bass, a migratory species landlocked in this huge body of water. Other fish species include largemouth bass, white bass, perch, walleye, chain pickerel, crappie, sunfish, and catfish. 
Year in & year out, Charlotte County provides hunters with the best opportunities for whitetail deer, wild turkey, and small game hunting.  For information regarding hunting regulations & licensing please visit the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources website.
Youth Recreation
Tower Park - Keysville, VA Baseball Eco Kids Kollege 2010 Youth Soccer League
Numerous recreational activities are available for children & youth in Charlotte County.  Organized baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, football, and cheerleading leagues keep children active year round.  Tower Park, an outdoor playground located on Main Street in the town of Keysville, is the perfect place to play with friends. The local extension office offers a variety of youth activities through the 4-H program.  Other activities including scouting are also available through the public school system & local civic and religious organizations. 
Additional Resources & Attractions

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